TSC 244 PRO Printer Callibration

TSC 244 PRO Printer Ribbon and Label installation


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New!! Thermal Receipt Printer with Money Detector

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FFM Cloud Pos System

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Others - Backup & Restore

Others - Send SMS & Email

Others - IRSPOS Client Installation

Others - IRSPOS Server Installation

Others - Teamviewer Installation

Others - Sewoo Thermal Receipt Printer Installation

Others - Windows 7 - Network Setting For Sharing

Others - Windows 7 - Turn Off User Access Control

Others - Windows XP - Share Folder

Others - Windows 7 - Share Folder

F & B - Setting Kitchen Printer

F & B - Import Item Using MS Excel

F & B - Point Management

F & B - Backup & Restore

F & B - Send SMS & Email

F & B - To Set User Access Or Security

F & B - To Check Daily Collection

F & B -To Issue Sales

F & B - Condiment Setup

F & B - Menu Design

F & B - To Design Table Plan

F & B - To Key-In Item

F & B - First Time Using

Point of Sales - Sales Screen - Button's Function

Point of Sales - Sales Screen - Screen Setting

Point of Sales - Invoice & Payment

Point of Sales - Import Item Using MS Excel

Point of Sales - Point Management

Point of Sales - Backup & Restore

Point of Sales - Print Barcode

Point of Sales - Appointment

Point of Sales - Send SMS & Email

Point of Sales - To Set User Access Or Security

Point of Sales - To Check Daily Collection

Point of Sales - Issue Cash Sales

Point of Sales - Goods Receive

Point of Sales - To Key-In Vendor

Point of Sales - To Key-In Customer

Point of Sales - To Key-In General Item

Point of Sales - First Time Using

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